2016 FLY NOW AWARD WINNER – Jennie Paznar

Congratulations to Jennie Paznar on winning the Ninety-Nines, ‘FLY NOW’ Award!
Jennie is enrolled in the one year Professional Pilot Program at Brampton Flight Centre and will graduate this Sept with a commercial multi-IFR rating.
Hired as flight attendant with Air Canada, Jennie found herself spending a lot of time in the cockpit asking questions about flying. Many pilots encouraged her to follow her dreams, and acted as mentors to becoming a pilot.
Jennie’s first flight in a small aircraft was in FCC 99S member Robin Hadfield’s RV6A at the Girls Fly event in Oshawa. After taking off, the pilot (Robin’s husband Dave) gave her controls and let her fly. At that moment, she knew exactly that this was what she wanted to do!



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