Winners of the 2017 Poker Run are…

A big Thank You to all the pilots, volunteers and the airports, who participated in our 2017 Poker Run. You were part of making our chapter fundraiser a success yesterday.

There were 35 airplanes registered, 394 poker hands sold, raising $2400 plus another $76.50 from our 50/50 draw.

The winner of the 50/50 draw was in attendance at the time of the draw. Thank you to those who played.

Here is the list of winners:

  • $100 cash – John Van Lieshout
  • Dorothy Rungeling Keepsake Stamp Sheet – Lisa Bishop
  • Dorothy Rungeling Keepsake Stamp Sheet – Rita Richter
  • Sailing Cruise – Owen Sneath
  • Northern Lights Gala tickets – Becky Phillips/Melissa Royal (Mary Norman accepted them on their behalf)
  • Float Plane Flight – B&D Jackson (accepted by a BFC member)
  • VIP CIAS tickets – Dimitri Mamais
  • White Spruce Tree – Al Kish
  • Edenstock tickets – Stephen Skinner
  • Custom glass bowl, farm fresh eggs & asparagus – Brian Fraser (Bev Fraser accepted on his behalf)
  • Basket with 99s license plate covers, Powder Puff Derby book, diffuser,plus -Sue Ramsey
  • Basket with creme de menthe, perfume, Pilot Barbie Doll – Marilyn Staig
  • Avon Basket, 2 tickets to the CIAS – Billy Lowe
  • Avon Basket, Jen Danahy
  • The Snowbird Story (Book) – C & A Paige
  • Avon Basket – Nikolaz Ehinou
  • Red wine, wine glasses, candle – Nathalie Drake
  • Basket, 2 shirts, mixed items – Joe de Caria
  • Avon Basket – David Cox (Emil Habib accepted on his behalf)
  • Portable Collision Avoidance System – Kerry Ann Lecky Hepburn

I hope to see you all next year.


It was brought to our attention that many pilots had poor and rude service at the restaurant, with very long waits and rude waitresses.  This will be brought to the attention of the airport owner. Edenvale prided itself on having one of the best airport restaurants and will be disappointed in this new one week old restaurant team.

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