Award of Excellence

FCC AWARD OF EXCELLENCE for 2019 –  This award is for Gals who have already received their PRIVATE or COMMERCIAL Licence and would like to join the 99s for the first time!!

Attention FCC Members: If you see a gal working on her Private or Commercial licence who will complete her training by December 31, 2019, please let her know of this opportunity !  Although all of the Flight schools (CFIs) in the FCC area are contacted at least twice yearly regarding this award, as 99 members we can all spread the word or keep a look out for gals that are actively flying and who could benefit from joining the Ninety-Nines.

There is a complementary one (1) year membership to the Ninety-Nines, a cash award, an individual plaque and a plaque to display at their flight school of choice. The plaque is presently being displayed at the  Brampton Flight Centre.

Here is a poster you can print out and take in to your local flying school.

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