We have partnered with the Webster Trophy for the 2022 competition.

The annual Webster Memorial Trophy Competition seeks to identify “Canada’s Top General Aviation Pilot”.

Throughout the various stages of the Webster Trophy Competition, applicants are assessed on the fundamental skills that are expected of the holder of a Private Pilot Licence.

The Webster Memorial Trophy Competition is open to any person holding a valid Canadian Pilot Permit Recreational or a Private or Commercial Pilot Licence in the aeroplane category.

Four finalists – one from each organization -)will be selected from applicants who identify themselves as a member of one of the four affiliated national general aviation organizations:

The Ninety-Nines,

Canadian Owners and Pilots Association,

Recreational Aircraft Association; 

and Experimental Aircraft Association

Three additional finalists (one from each region will be chosen from applicants who completed a flight test in the 3 Webster Regions.

Applicants are assigned to a region based where they completed their flight tests.

You can get more information here…https://webstertrophy.copanational.org/en/the-competition

Applicants for the Webster Trophy Competition will be asked to submit an application form, application fee along with the results of a recent flight test. After submitting these documents, applicants will be invited to complete an online examination. National finalists will be selected based on a blended score from the flight test and online examination.

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