Gold Cup Air Rally

The annual Gold Cup Air Rally is NOT an air race but is a fun and challenging cross country air rally. 

All  99’s and other female pilots are invited to join us on the Gold Cup Air Rally. 

Don’t have an airplane, no problem, we can try to match you up with a pilot and airplane.


July 10 – 12, 2016

The Gold Cup Air Rally is being held this year immediately following the International Conference in Ottawa, making it easier for the 99s who are flying up for the conference to consider joining us for the three days afterwards on the GCAR to beautiful Gaspe!

  • Sunday July 10th, Depart Rockcliffe Airport (CYRO) after the Conference
  • Fly directly towards Trois Rivieres (CYRQ) (136nm) on the north shore of the St Lawrence River
  • Cross the St Lawrence River from CYRQ to the south shore, then NE to Mont Joli (CYYY) (228 nm)
  • Overnight at Mont Joli
  • Monday July 11th, depart to destination airport, Gaspe Michel Pouliot (CYGP) (214nm)
  • Awards Banquet in Gaspe
  • Tuesday July 12th Depart for home airports

The rally begins 10 am Sunday from Rockcliffe Airport (CYRO) and the final destination is in Gaspe.

Michel-Pouliot Gaspé Airport or Gaspé Airport, is located 3.5 nautical miles west of Gaspé, Quebec, Canada. The airport is non-towered, but has a mandatory frequency linked remotely to the flight service station located in Mont-Joli.

The Registration fee is $99.00 CDN per participant and the rally is open to all women pilots. 

Link to the Registration Form to be printed and mailed back with the registration fee. GCAR2016 Registration-EntryApplic-R

Further info contact Email link: Gold Cup Air Rally

Past Rally experience is not a prerequisite. 

This is one of the most enjoyable events for women pilots held throughout the year.

View the slide shows from previous years….

Slide show video from the 2013 Gold Cup Air Rally to the Piper Museum, PA and Old Rhineback, NY

Slide show video from the 2012 Gold Cup Air Rally, Edenvale to Pelee Island


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