Information for potential donors of historic objects and materials to the Ninety Nines

The Ninety-Nines, Inc. collects historic materials that support its purpose of preserving and interpreting the history of women pilots. The artifacts collected to tell this story come in many forms, including photographs, manuscripts, documents, and three-dimensional objects and are located at the organization Headquarters (Oklahoma City, OK), in the Amelia Earhart Birthplace Museum (Atchison, KS), or The 99s Museum of Women Pilots (Oklahoma City, OK).

The Ninety-Nines appreciates the potential donation of any of these items, but must be selective in the acceptance of materials. Limitations on space and other resources must be considered when looking at possible donations. The decision whether or not to accept a donation is based on several factors, including the item’s condition, history, uniqueness, and relevance to the organization’s mission, as well as the organization’s capability to properly care for, preserve, store and exhibit the object.


How do I donate an item to The Ninety-Nines?

Anyone considering making a donation should first call Ninety-Nines Headquarters to be sure the items are appropriate for the collection. Upon acceptance, you will receive a Deed of Gift form to sign and return, with a copy provided for your records. The objects should then be delivered to Headquarters.

May I specify how the object I donate may be used or displayed?

Exhibit topics, space and preservation concerns determine which artifacts are displayed and for what length of time. All artifact donations are considered outright and unconditional gifts to The Ninety-Nines and must be free of any legally binding restrictions contained in the terms of the gift. The organization cannot display every artifact it holds, yet these objects are of extreme importance for research, education, and preserving the heritage of women aviators.

Is my donation tax-deductible?

The Ninety-Nines recommends that you speak to your tax attorney concerning the deductibility of any donation. In many cases, donations are considered tax-deductible. The Ninety-Nines will not provide an appraisal of your donated item.

How do I deliver my donation to Headquarters?

Care should be taken in packaging your donated object for shipment. Wrap objects carefully and ship in a sturdy box. Documents and photographs should be removed from frames prior to shipment to Headquarters, unless the frame is of unusual value or relevance to the object itself. If you have any specific questions about shipment of objects, call Headquarters for more information, and they will have a person with museum expertise get back to you.

Contact information and to request nine-page detailed document:

The Ninety-Nines, Inc.
4300 Amelia Earhart Road, Ste A Oklahoma City, OK 73159-1140 USA Phone: 405-685-7969
Fax: 405-685-7985
Email: Web:

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