Memorial Tribute to Heather Sifton

All of her life Heather rode horses, she was a great horsewoman. She loved watching her husband Mike and her 3 sons play polo where ever in the world they were playing. She was a supportive fan of the Royal Winter Fair for many many years. Heather always looked like she just stepped out of a band box, ready for any occasion. She had good taste and a smart style always.

In her beautiful country home she was hostess to many charitable functions and sport events. Heather graciously welcomed people to her home.

Heather learned to fly, she loved flying, as well as the social and business activities around Buttonville airport. The first Prop Shop in a Canadian airport was started by Heather; it became her favourite business after all three of her sons were launched into school.

Heather was a popular member of the Ninety Nines showing support for women who wanted to learn to fly. Her presence at the airport was insiring for women in the male dominated world of flying. Everyone knew Heather and enjoyed her company. Likewise Heather knew almost everyone in the aviation world too.

Heather and I flew to Atchison Kansis to a Fly Away of Trees from the Forest of Friendship. We brought the seedlings from the Forest to be planted in each province of East Canada. One was planted at Buttonhole Airport and others were planted in Nova Scotia and Newfoundland. Unfortunately the 99s did not have active members in the other eastern provinces at that time.

The Ninety Nines Inc celebrated the 25th anniversary convention 1972 in Toronto; the women of the East Canada Section organized the event but it was Heather who hosted at her country home a large bar BQ dinner for the attendees of the convention. For many years after the event, those who attended the Toronto Convention raved about the success.

From the success of that convention came the beginning of the Canadian Award in Aviation Trust. It bagan with a small excess amount of money from registration which could not easily be returned to registrants. Hether Sifton, Isabell Peppler, ?? & ?? & Lorna deBliquy were the founders of the Award. The Award is given to charitable museums each year.

We give thanks to Heather for her generosity to the 99s and her support to women in aviation. Heather was presented the Elsie Magill Northern Lights Award for her pioneering the first Prop Shop in Canada. Her presence at the airport has been missed since she became ill a few years ago.

By Margo McCutcheon


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