Recap 2015 East Canada Section AGM

The FCC just finished hosting the East Canada Section AGM at the Inter-Continental Hotel in downtown Toronto:
It started with a Wine & Cheese get-together in the Presidential Suite (a last minute upgrade by the hotel).
Lesley Page was there first to arrive in the afternoon for setup and emailed that we had a huge room.
That was a vast understatement!
It was the largest suite in the hotel…it was massive – but perfect for 50 people to mingle, eat and get out on the balcony for our photo op.
Saturday morning started with a lovely breakfast buffet and Silent Auction table.
The meeting portion started and 9:00 and was finished around 12:30.
It was a sunny afternoon and everyone went out for lunch at the outdoor patios that are spread out the downtown area.
Back at the hotel for a brief wine & cheese in our hospitality suite (now back to the normal suite) prior to the banquet.
It was a wonderful banquet. The service and food was excellent!
The Silent Auction tables were busy with all our members guarding their bids on some really great donated items.
After the dinner, the Guest Speaker, Lin Caywood from the 99s Sugarloaf Chapter, Maryland, spoke about the Air Race Classic; its history and what its like to be a pilot in the air race.
Sunday morning there were several members who took advantage of the tour at Porter Airline’s Maintenance Facility on the island airport, while others had a leisurely breakfast at the hotel before departing for our homes via airplane, trains and car.
If you were not able to attend the ECS meeting, I highly recommend you try to join us for one in the future. It is one of the best ways to meeting other 99s from around Ontario, Quebec and the east coast, plus find out about what is going on with the 99s.
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