There is a lot of aviation events happening with the Manitoba Chapter 99s

The Manitoba 99s Chapter welcomes new members and hosts numerous regular events and opportunities including:

Sunday night Pilot Learners  Permit classes: 6 pm, Lyncrest Airport Clubhouse

Opportunity to fly our C150 C-FLUG for $20/hour

Poker Run, Fly Ins and Fly Outs, Youth flights

Scholarships – we have offered up to 17 scholarships to active MB 99s Chapter members per year and promote hundreds of scholarships available to women at all stages of  their flying, as  well as scholarships for other aviation related careers such as aeronautical engineer, meteorology, air traffic control, aircraft maintenance engineer, airport manager and more.

Job Postings – Many MB 99s members work in the aviation industry and when a job becomes available we take a leading role in distributing the information in our extensive email directory;

Seminars and presentations: Safety seminars, Winter Flying workshops, Flying off Grass check outs, Retractable Gear workshops, Tail Dragger workshops, Winter survival – including how to build an igloo, Tips on Getting into the Airlines, and other topics as requested by the 99 members.

The Manitoba Chapter have also increased their scholarship/awards, which have several open to other 99s in Canada.  Women are encouraged to apply to all scholarships they are eligible for each year.

Some scholarships are offered several times a year, including the C-FLUG Scholarship, Broadening Horizons Scholarship and IFR Flight Simulator Scholarships. Women are invited to apply for each and every applicant due date.   Billeting is available for women from out of town.

Check out their scholarship at this link..

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