Welcome New Members Video – You Can Help

All members of the Ninety-Nines…we are working on a youtube channel geared to new members and seeking short videos of welcome from current members.  We would like your help.  It’s as simple as using your smartphone and having someone video you as you say a hello, who you are, what chapter and section you are affiliate.

If you have an external microphone, the sound will be great…otherwise filming video with your phone may require you to speak loudly and not stand far from the person videoing you.

If you speak a language other than English, it would be great for your greeting to be in various languages…after all we are an international organization and would love others who do not speak english as a first language to get a greeting in their own language.

It doesn’t matter if you film the video in your living room, outside your house, in a park or at your airplane. It can be you by yourself or a group of 99s altogether sending the greeting.

It should be 30 – 90 seconds.

Once you make the video, please send it to robin@firstcanadian99s.com

Below is a video clip showing the difference in how you hold your phone or tablet. The correct default is to hold it horizontal.

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