Award of Excellence Winner 2021!

CONGRATULATIONS to EMILEE C who is our winner of the  First Canadian Chapter (FCC) , AWARD of EXCELLENCE for 2021 !

Emilee is with the Durham Flight Centre out of the Oshawa Airport and earned her Commercial licence in 2021.

She will receive a complimentary one year 99s membership , a cash award and an individual plaque. Emilee’s name will be added to our list of previous recipients. 

Welcome Emilee !!  You are now an official member of the Ninety-Nines!

The Award of Excellence is a great way to join the Ninety-Nines! This award is an “ Entrance Award” and does not apply to existing members.  Open to all female pilots and who have completed their Private or Commercial Pilot’s License between Jan 1st and December 31st

The award will be presented to the female pilot who meets the criteria listed on the application and who has achieved academic excellence, and flight proficiency in the region of the First Canadian Chapter of the 99s ( Great Toronto area and surrounding vicinities ). The award is a special project of the First Canadian Chapter, intended to encourage women to join this Aviation Group.

The award consists of a one-year membership to the Ninety-Nines, a cash award of $400.00, an individual plaque and a plaque, to be displayed at the flying club of the winner’s choice!

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