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Welcome to the First Canadian 99s Chapter

The members of the Ninety-Nines are part of the ONLY international women’s pilots’ organization in the world. The organization has been international in scope since its founding in 1929. We currently have over 5,000 members in 45 countries. A Ninety-Nines membership makes you part of a family, a sisterhood, a unique group of women who share their passion for flight in all its aspects. Membership confers an opportunity to make a difference in the lives of youths and adults, to become part of history, and to share your joy of flight with other women. Virtually all women of achievement in aviation have been or are members of The Ninety-Nines.

The First Canadian Chapter is part of the East Canada Section, and is the largest Chapter in Canada. If you are looking for an upcoming 99s Event, information about our Scholarship & Awards, Mentorship, Aviatrix History in Canada, you are in the right place. Feel free to browse around and see what the Ninety-Nines have to offer you, as a female pilot or female student pilot.

Professional Pilot Leadership

This highly-structured, formal leadership and mentoring program is unique. If you are a 99s member with at least a commercial certificate (and be actively flying) pursuing a professional pilot career, or you are an established professional who wants to take your career to the next level, this program is designed for you.


The Amelia Earhart Memorial Scholarships & Awards are available to Members of The Ninety-Nines, Inc. International Organization of Women Pilots Student Pilot ‘First Wings’ Award applications will be in The 99s MEMBERS ONLY portal after September 1st.

Join the 99s

Membership makes you part of a family, a sisterhood, a unique group of women who share the passion for flight in all its aspects, and have been for over 92 years.

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