Congratulations to FCC member Asti L and EOC member Susan B, on their completed their first Air Race Classic competition.

This year the race was dubbed 2019 “Let’s Fly Canada” Air Race Classic!!  Due to weather the first two legs were scrapped and on the last day the start time was delaying, pushing the end time to 21:00…making a very long day for the ‘line team’ at the terminus, Niagara Central Dorothy Rungeling Airport.

Congratulations Susan and Asti, you had all your sister Ninety-Nines cheering for you and are looking forward to having you give presentations at your local 99s chapters about the adventure.

There was some nice press coverage…here is one article from North Bay where FCC member Mary Norman helped to create a memorable spot for those who overnighted and those who just fuelled up and took off to continue the race.

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