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First Canadian Chapter announced it’s new $2000 Flight Training Scholarship and the 2015 winner.

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The First Canadian Chapter of the Ninety-Nines is thrilled to announce that Raquel, 16, of Pickering has been awarded the Minacs $2,000 Flight Training Scholarship!


Raquel attended the “Girls Take Flight” event at the Oshawa Municipal Airport on Saturday, March 7, which was part of the Women of Aviation Worldwide Week celebration.

Raquel, as well as more than 150 other women and girls, took a free flight in a small airplane!

Thanks to a generous sponsor, The Minacs Group, Inc., the First Canadian 99s established a $2,000 flight training scholarship to award to an attendee. About a dozen women and girls applied. The judging process for the five top applicants included an interview, a session in the Red Bird flight simulator, and a flight lesson. The simulator sessions and flight lessons were donated by The Durham Flight Centre, the flight school at the Oshawa Airport, where Raquel will learn to fly.

Congratulations Raquel on winning this scholarship and becoming our newest FCC 99s member.

Next year’s “Girls Take Flight” event will take place at the Oshawa Municipal Airport on Saturday, March 12, 2016.